Tips to Ensure Clean Water Supply When Developing New Property

The typical charge for a new water connection of 2 meters surface length costs between £354.2 and £1,029.41, according to Ofwat. Given that construction work is rigorous and employees are prone to dehydration, it is essential to provide clean water at all times. In addition, the vital role of hydration in maintaining concentration and focus is necessary for increased productivity.

Clean water in building sites also plays a significant role in sanitation and running technical processes like mixing concrete. While the supply of water is readily available in some locations, it may be insufficient, inaccessible, or unsuitable in your area. In such circumstances, you must find the best solutions to ensure unlimited clean water supply on the construction site.

Calculate Water Costs in Your Development Finance Plan

Providing an adequate supply of water on construction sites is key to preventing project delays. You can achieve the best results by first estimating the procurement costs. A realistic budget should cover the cost of buying matt brushed steel or mirror finished steel water bottles for workers. Also, factor in temporary water connection expenses and tank rental fees.

But before you can start looking for vendors, consider evaluating your development finance plan. You want to be sure you have met all the requirements, including zoning and licensing. If your plan fits the set standard, a property professional will guide you through finding development finance to cover water expenses and other utilities or materials.

Invest in Reusable Water Bottles

While plastic bottled water is cost effective, choosing stainless steel reusable water bottles is a great option for gratitude gifts. Reusable stainless steel bottles are not only eco-friendly but also a healthier option. Unlike plastics, they do not leach chemicals into drinking water and retain the taste of water, which is vital for ensuring workers consume the required amount per day.

Depending on your needs, you can choose matt brushed or metal finished steel bottle sizes from 16 oz to 20 oz. These bottles come with metal or bamboo lids that close tightly to keep your water cold or hot. You may go beyond classic designs and choose coloured stainless steel bottles like silver brunia, viola banksii, just peach, or green rose.

Reusable containers are economical. Instead of buying single-use disposable cups, you can mark each bottle with an employee’s name. Then they can refill their bottles from a portable water station or a safe water faucet.

Consider Bulk Water Supply Services

Hiring bulk water suppliers is an excellent idea to save you money while keeping your workers hydrated. The most important consideration is to ensure they provide clean water in eco-friendly packaging. Make sure your bulk water vendor offers options like matt brushed steel and coloured steel bottles, metal finished steel bottles, and bottle sports cap.

Construction workers are entitled to free, safe, and clean water not for drinking only, but also washing hands and flushing the toilet. For these reasons, you may consider a towable bowser or water tank. Water supplied in towable bowsers is also useful for construction work such as curing cement, dust suppression, and cleaning equipment.

By Jess Walters

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