The Heatwave Makes Hydration Obvious

There are two times in the UK when drinking water regularly throughout the day is a ‘no brainer,’ when you are ill, or when there is a heatwave.  The rest of the time it is a habit that healthy and high functioning people have, but that most of us get away with ignoring.

On a typical day, 1 in 5 Britons won’t drink a glass of water and half of the people turn up to work mildly dehydrated.  Today is not a typical day.

Today you will not get away with drinking only the occasional cuppa.  You will feel tired, sluggish and achy.  These symptoms will distract you from your work and reduce your performance.

Feel how good water is for you!!

When it’s hot you can feel how good water is for you as it enters your body, flowing through your veins and filling you with life.  When you are ill your doctor tells you to keep water at your side and sip through the day.  This is true everyday.  Today we have a heatwave in the UK.  Please don’t wait until you feel faint, tired or ill to have a glass of water.  Keep yourself topped up to be on top form.

The body is 75% water.  Through the day you lose water; it leaves your body through evaporation, breath, perspiration and urine.  On a hot day, you will lose more water.  You will need to drink more water than normal to stay hydrated.

Don’t wait until you are dehydrated!!

The symptoms of dehydration are:

  • Darker urine – it should be pale straw coloured
  • Feeling tired, sluggish or confused
  • Headaches and joint aches
  • Dry eyes, nose, mouth or skin
  • You feel thirsty

Your body doesn’t tell you your thirsty until you are already 1% dehydrated.  Keep sipping through the day to stay on top form.

With jerry, you can keep water by your side at work.  Our bottles are smart enough for any meeting and practical enough to go anywhere.  Plus when you drink from a jerry, you are bringing water to people that don’t have it.  Places that are dry and hot, and getting dryer.

Don’t leave home without a bottle of water.

Stay safe in the sun.

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