4 reasons to lead your employees to water and a complete guide to make them drink

You would have thought that if you tell your new staff where the kitchen and water cooler is, that they would keep themselves hydrated. However a recent study found that half of employees turn up to work mildly dehydrated and leave in the same state. This really doesn’t surprise me as I used to hydrate on fruit juice in the morning, and decaff instant coffee through the day. When I got a headache I reached for the paracetamol and blamed it on the stress of being busy. When I got tired I sought out a sugary treat.

Water is best – no calories, no sugar, no caffeine, but a huge increase in health, energy levels and performance.

Here are 4 reasons why we have a problem with drinking water in the UK:

  1. Tap water isn’t branded – It doesn’t come in a beautifully designed package and we don’t like it.
  2. Tap water isn’t cool – Our top celebs are not flashing the tap.
  3. Water is seen as tasteless and boring – we are so used to upping the flavour of foods and drinks that plain water just doesn’t cut it.
  4. We meet up for a coffee, not a water – We don’t meet colleagues at the water lounge because we don’t have one. Its not in the vocabulary. We need a new culture for selling tap water to ourselves and others (please share your thoughts with us on how to do this)

Jerry cares so much about water that we give our profits away to those that don’t have it. We want to get your friends at work excited about water so much that:

We have created a free guide to workplace hydration for you

Want to get involved??

Lets get excited about water – it’s cosmic, life giving, transformatitve stuff. Bring better water to your workplace:

  • Co Brand with us and join our campaigns.
  • Follow, tweet and like our posts

Discover how to lead your friends at work to water, and nudge them to drink, with our free downloadable guide.

Water is UN Global Goal 6

Water is not a small problem. Getting water and sanitation for all has been identified as a key goal for global sustainable development. Access to water brings improved health, gets kids to school and families into work. Water scarcity brings competing demands for water, conflict and migration. The World Bank projects that the driest parts of the world are getting dryer. Buy a jerry and we will make projects happen that improve access to water and build water resilience.

We work differently

Jerry Bottle is a social enterprise. We sell water bottles to make water projects happen. We market ourselves through delivering social good, give our profits to making good things happen, and grow our business through partnerships and collaboration. Be part of team jerry and join in.

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