The Best Betting Companies in Ghana – Guide 2023

betting companies in ghana

Whether you’re looking to bet on the African Cup of Nations or global basketball leagues – there are plenty of options for wagering available! To help you out, we’ve outlined some of the safest online betting sites in Ghana; from betting markets to bonuses and payments in Ghana sites – we’ll explain it all. So if you’re new to online sports betting sites, don’t worry – just follow our guide and you’ll be ready to make money from your knowledge in no time!

In recent years, Ghana has made a mark as one of the most dynamic betting markets in Africa, attracting numerous bookmakers. With a population of some 30 million, Ghana is a nation that is passionate about sport and sports betting. Online betting in the country has become legal, and with the number of top-tier Ghana betting sites increasing rapidly, there’s never been a better time to invest your cedi into your preferred teams and individuals. 

To make it easier for bettors to decide which bookmaker is best for them, we have compiled a list of licensed local and international best betting sites in Ghana. 

Moreover, our reviews in Ghana cover all the important aspects of each bookmaker such as registration process, betting website design and usability, best welcome bonus offers, betting offerings and mobile apps in Ghana sites. 

In addition to this, some bookmakers offer features such as live streaming services, cryptocurrency payments options and mobile app support for iOS/Android/Windows devices that you may not find elsewhere. 

We also compare best betting bonuses & rewards in Ghana across different gh betting sites so you can get the best bang for your buck! Read on to learn more about what’s in store!

Overview of Ghana’s gambling industry

Ghana’s gambling industry is a vibrant and growing sector. It has been estimated that the annual gross gaming revenue in Ghana is close to $300 million USD, with an increase of 10% every year. 

The popularity of sports betting in Ghana is on the rise thanks to various promotions offered by online bookmakers aimed at local punters. Additionally, land-based casinos are also quite popular amongst locals as well as foreign visitors who come for holidays or business trips. 

Moreover, there are plenty of lottery opportunities available throughout the country which offers big payouts compared to other forms of gambling via Ghana betting site. 

Finally, in Ghana lotteries have become increasingly popular due to their simplicity and ease-of-use even for first time gamblers looking for quick wins without much effort involved. 

All these factors have made Ghana’s gambling industry one of Africa’s most profitable sectors today!

Best Betting Companies in Ghana

If you’re an experienced punter in Ghana, you’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of betting companies (sites) and their attractive promotions. It’s wise to compare the pros and cons of each platform in Ghana before choosing the most lucrative online betting company for placing your wagers – but that could take hours. 

Save yourself time and effort by tapping into our advice and trust our experience in sports betting! We’ve carefully reviewed every licensed and legal online betting site in Ghana, ranking them according to their lucrativeness and quality of service. Check out our list of best betting sites in Ghana below.

TOP List of Betting Sites in Ghana

1) Betway: This site is considered by many as one of the leading operators among Ghana’s online gambling providers. It offers an extensive selection of sports and betting markets along with generous betting bonuses and promotions for new customers such as free bets and enhanced odds on selected matches or events. In addition, they also provide 24/7 customer support and secure banking methods which ensures convenience and security for their users all around.

2) Nairabet: This site in Ghana is known for its wide range of soccer betting markets which are updated regularly throughout different tournaments across Europe, Asia, Africa etc.. They also offer great welcome bonuses and ongoing rewards while providing convenient payment methods like bank transfer or mobile money betting services which makes it easy to deposit funds into your account anytime you want without any hassle at all!

3) Premierbet: Established back in 2005 this betting website has gained immense popularity among bettors in Ghana due to its unique features like live streaming broadcasts on select matches plus access to exclusive sports data that helps players stay up-to-date with latest news & developments related to their favorite teams or competitions worldwide! Moreover in Ghana they offer competitive odds along with fast withdrawal process too making them stand out from other betting websites offering similar betting services here within country’s borders too!

4) 1XBet: Another well established name amongst African bookmaker companies would be 1XBet since it provides access in Ghana not only great selection off sports but also virtual games too while still having same quality customer support team behind them ready answer any queries whenever needed making sure everyone who visits their company enjoys experience without worrying about anything else!

5) 22Bet: If what you look forward when visiting any kind bookmaker in Ghana then chances are high will love 22Bets because aside from featuring all traditional types wagers including spread lines point totals futures props etc., this operator brings something extra table form eSports options alongside plenty other exciting titles ready keep entertained hours end thanks multiple gaming genres offered through each section company’s interface itself!.

6) Sportybet: Operated under license granted Curacao Government in Ghana sportybet boasts comprehensive coverage both local international competitions compatible devices web browsers mobile apps Android iOS allowing take advantage features found site wherever go world!. Plus given site’s strong focus providing users fair reliable environment enjoy respective activities given ease mind knowing everything done safely securely considering user protection measures implemented protect personal information shared transactions carried out funds involved operations accurately monitored ensure no problems arise during course action taken if required according regulations laid down laws governing offshore gaming industry general!

7) Eazibet : Offering full suite products ranging basic pre match accumulators QuickSpin feature allows instantly pick variety outcomes single event generate instant winnings without waiting outcome chosen game!, should add Eazi bet impresses highly competitive offerings combining attractive betting bonus deals impeccable reputation betting service delivery creating opportunity players from Ghana maximize profits minimum effort possible giving edge over competition long term basis!

8 ) Melbet : Looking alternative choice standard fare in Ghana? Then turn attention the site Melbet – provider real sense word truly dedicated delivering exceptional product every aspect imaginable catering needs experienced newcomers alike through combination top notch technology impressive library content covering array categories national international level certainly worth checking out more detail discover hidden gems waiting discovered otherwise overlooked competitors betting market scene today!!

9 ) Dafabet : One oldest names game dafabet continues thrive apparent large following base loyal members attracted years consistency reliability displayed handling payments withdrawals superbly guaranteeing peace mind anyone decides choose option play here comfort knowledge finances safe hands time signup process completed cash deposited account ready start placing desired wagers straight away in Ghana .

10 ) Superior Casino : Rounding off ten picks superior casino from Ghana comes flying colors boasting wealth benefits enhance overall experience , packed full innovative games software developed house guarantee fun filled sessions double dose excitement hit spot even fussiest player taste budget constraints worry either thanks plethora variations stakes levels offered ensure none left disappointed end day ! 

What Types Of Benefits Are Available on Betting Sites in Ghana?


The most popular type of benefit in Ghana offered is a good bonus or promotion. These usually come in the form of either a deposit bonus or a free bet offer upon signing up with the betting company in Ghana. The best deposit betting bonus typically offers players additional funds on top of their initial deposits into their account which they can then use on sports betting markets or casino games within the platform’s offering; while a free bet offer gives players an amount which they can wager without having to put down any money themselves first – perfect for those who want to try out different companies before committing any real cash!


Another common benefit are competitions held between customers, allowing them to compete against one another for prizes such as vouchers or even cash sums! Betting company in Ghana like Betway GH often run leaderboard challenges where customers can climb up rankings based on how much they win over certain periods – meaning more chances at winning big rewards! Additionally, many gh betting sites also provide loyalty schemes whereby regular customers receive points each time they place bets (which may be exchanged for other rewards).

High Odds

Finally, there are often special best betting offers tailored towards specific events such as horse races or football matches – meaning you could take advantage of enhanced odds if you know your sport well enough! Plus, since all reputable operators should guarantee fair play and secure banking systems (as regulated by Gaming Commission laws), punters don’t need to worry about being ripped off if something does go wrong during gameplay.

Payment Options of Betting Sites in Ghana

Sportsbook payment options in Ghana have revolutionized the way that sports fans place wagers on their favorite teams and players. With multiple banking methods now available, customers can fund their accounts quickly and securely. 

Best payment options such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets, mobile payments like Airtel Money and MTN Mobile Money are just a few of the reliable ways to make deposits into your account. 

In addition to these traditional methods, Cryptocurrency is also growing in popularity for making secure transactions with fast withdrawals from most Sportsbooks operating within Ghanaian borders. 

It’s always important to check if any fees will be charged when using certain betting services so you don’t end up losing more than expected from your winnings! 

However overall this has improved user experience significantly compared to only having one or two of these payment types available previously.

Mobile Betting Companies in Ghana

Mobile betting in Ghana is becoming an increasingly popular form of entertainment. This type of gambling is conducted through mobile phones and allows players to place wagers on their favorite sports, races and other events from the convenience of their own device. 

Best mobile betting apps provide a secure platform for users to make deposits, access virtual gaming accounts and play games with real money anytime, anywhere. The accessibility of mobile betting contributes greatly to its popularity as people can easily access it no matter where they are located; making it easy to stay connected with the latest odds or scores on your favorite teams or leagues. 

Furthermore, modern best mobile applications offer plenty of features in Ghana sites like such as betting bonuses, promotions and customer support which further enhance user experience when placing bets online via smartphones. 

With all these attractive benefits combined together, it’s not surprising that more people choose this convenient form of gambling over traditional options like land-based casinos or bookmakers every day!

Gambling Rules & Regulations in Ghana

Gambling regulations in Ghana are a hot topic of debate. The current legal framework around gambling is complex and often unclear, which has caused many problems for operators wishing to legally offer gambling services. Despite this, there are some forms of regulated gaming allowed under the Gaming Act in 2006 such as sports betting or lotteries. 

Additionally, casinos may operate within certain geographical restrictions with specific licenses granted by the Gambling Commission of Ghana. 

However, other forms of online gaming remain illegal and punishable by law if caught engaging in them without authorisation from the government agencies responsible for regulating gambling activities within the country. 

With this being said, it is important that you take time to familiarise yourself with these laws before participating in any type of betting activity inside or outside Ghanaian borders so as to avoid breaking them inadvertently

What Should You Look For When Signing Up With The Betting Company in Ghana?

Before signing up with any best gambling operator in Ghana, it’s important that you do your research first so that you get the most out of your experience – both financially and socially! 

Firstly, make sure that whichever betting sites you choose is licensed by the Gaming Commission so that all transactions/payouts meet legal requirements; plus check whether customer betting service channels such as live chat/email support are available 24/7 in case anything goes wrong during gameplay too (this way someone will always be able to help!). 

Secondly, look out for promotional codes when registering – these could give you access to exclusive deals not advertised elsewhere so make sure not miss them out! 

Finally pay attention to what payment methods each site in Ghana accepts: whilst most accept debit cards/bank transfers etc., some may only accept certain e-wallets – something worth checking before making any deposits onto their companies.


In conclusion therefore we see how best Ghanaian betting companies (sites) offer numerous advantages and opportunities through betting bonuses & promotions plus regularly-held competitions & leaderboards amongst other things – making gaming an enjoyable yet potentially lucrative pastime depending on luck & skill levels respectively! As long as users from Ghana ensure they sign up with certified operators offering best safe payment options alongside good customer care betting services, then hopefully everyone should have no problem enjoying exactly what these gh betting sites have got going on inside them…Good luck & happy gaming everyone in Ghana!

Betting Companies in Ghana FAQ

What are the most popular betting company in Ghana?

The most popular betting company in Ghana includes Betway, 1xBet, Sportybet, and Premier Bet.

What is the legal age to bet in Ghana?

The legal age for betting in Ghana is 18 years old.

What is the minimum deposit for online betting in Ghana?

The minimum deposit for online betting in Ghana varies from site to site, but typically ranges between $10 and $50. Some betting sites may offer lower or higher limits depending on their payment methods and other factors. It’s important to check with each individual betting site in Ghana before making a deposit to ensure that you understand all of the terms and conditions associated with your account.

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