6 Signs of Dehydration

We all know that we should be drinking more water but we don’t.  We meet for ‘a coffee,’ and reach for the caffeine and sugary treats when we get tired.  Did you know that water delivers energy to your cells?  Developing a healthy water habit at work is a great idea that could transform your body and mind.

It is not until you are 1-2% dehydrated that you get the thirst signal. At the same level of dehydration you may start to feel tired, sluggish or confused.

We all have a different range for our normal levels of hydration depending on our size. You should monitor what is normal for you. Useful signs of dehydration include:

  1. You haven’t had a drink all day/for hours
  2. Darker urine – it should be pale straw coloured
  3. Feeling tired, sluggish or confused
  4. Having aches, headaches and joint aches
  5. Dry eyes, nose, mouth or skin
  6. You feel thirsty

Even a 1 % reduction in your hydration triggers the body to start concentrating your urine. Dehydration puts your body under stress whereas keeping your fluid levels up enables your best possible mental and physical performance.

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