Why give your profit away?

Serving a bunch of affluent shareholders is not the right way to run a business. At its worse we have large multi-national companies where all efforts are directed at improving on last year’s figures. This can lead to the punishment of customers and staff, chasing efficiencies to increase margins. There is a better way.

In co-operatives, staff own the company and surpluses are returned to the staff and members that create them. Fair trade organisations return a bigger share to the manufacturers from developing countries. Social enterprises often use income to provide better training for disadvantaged people.

At jerry we sell water bottles to fund water projects. But more than that, we promote and enable a healthy water habit through providing a beautiful bottle. We are selling the joy of water to give it to those without.

jerry bottle

A business needs to be a family where we look after each other. Where staff feel safe enough to look after the customer, and where the profits are shared in a meaningful way. What this all comes down to is love. At jerry we love water so much we want to bring it to those that don’t have it. Running companies for love sounds better doesn’t it? Why don’t you give it a go!!

Buy a jerry, love water, love yourself, and do some good.


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