What would you like to drink? – part 3

The first ‘enlightenment’ was built on the switch from beer to tea and coffee. A second enlightenment perceived via the digital screen is on its way.

So mid 14th century we made the switch from beer to coffee. Then, we made the switch from radio to the iPad for entertainment. What’s next?

There is an evident growing interest in #cleaneating. This is the practice of taking your foodstuffs down to their purest elements, using a ripe date to add sugar to your smoothie, rather than using processed sugars. Water is a big part of this movement. There are continual magazine articles on how eight glasses of water a day brings you hydrated skin, shinier hair and a healthier body. Plus aids weight loss (which is often the reason most move to a new regime of food and drink).

We know that our bodies are struggling with the amount of sugar and fats we are consuming in the modern world. At the zoo where we look after non-human animals, they don’t feed the apes bananas, because the cultivated banana has too much sugar. Instead they get sweet potatoes, which contain quite enough sugar for apes. The ‘change for life’ campaign has told us an 11 year old should only have 7 spoons of sugar a day. A glass of orange juice contains 3 spoons of sugar and a can of coke contains 9. But coke tastes mildly sugary in comparison to energy drinks which are now part of many children’s breakfast routine. The human palate has developed an extreme taste for sugar max products, hence the reason why it is one of the most advertised food products around.

We have so much sugar, fats and stimulants it is no surprise that we are overloading our organs, having fat build ups inside our body, and have growths where we don’t want them. The result – more diabetes, more obesity, more behavioral issues. Are they linked? Research suggests so.

We are running around on empty. Fueled by tea and coffee, with the odd glass of fruit juice, or energy drink our bodies are not able to flush out the toxins and fats, instead we are accumulating debris inside the body. Watch your urine, if its dark and stinky then its time to hydrate. Switching to drinking the recommended 2 litres of water a day is a life saver. Our bodies are 60% water, and are brains are 75% water – we need the hydration to function at our full potential.

What would happen if everyone stopped their sugar, caffeine and alcohol drinking habits? Combine hydration with the information age and there could be a whole new era, a second enlightenment waiting to happen. What if water was served as standard in any café, restaurant, or meeting? The future is waiting to happen.

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