What is water?

Holy moly, this is the big one!! Water is life. Scientists look for evidence of water on planets and meteors because life began in water. Water is the combination of 2 parts of hydrogen to one part oxygen, the gases that we all breathe, and making it creates a loud bang.

Water is the solvent that delivers nutrients to our cells and processes the waste out of our bodies. We are all made from water. Our bodies are 65% water and our brains are 75%. The body can survive without food but not without water. It is essential.

When you are ill the doctor tells you to sip water through the day: “keep a glass of water by your bed.” This is because we give our bodies the best chance of recovery if we are hydrated. For the same reason you should keep water by your side through the day, and keep yourself topped up so body and mind can function at their best.

To answer ‘what is water?’ you should take a glass and pour it over your head. Water falls from the sky, runs down the mountains, forms rivers and streams that lead to the ocean. Ancient proverbs tell us “the constant drop hollows the stone,” rivers create valleys, and water cracks rocks when it expands into ice.

There is the same amount of water on the planet now than there ever was. The water we drink now ran through the bodies of our ancestors and the dinosaurs. But most of the water on the planet is not safe drinking water, and with growing populations the availability of fresh water is going to make or break communities.

768 million people do not have clean water on tap. Water can be a feminist, economic or political issue. If women are tied up with the fetching and carrying of water they cannot work, if children are collecting it they are not in school. The theme for #WorldWaterDay is better water, better jobs. Water can transform bodies, lives and communities.

At jerry we love water so much we are giving all our profits to fund water projects around the world. Join in with us at www.jerrybottle.com – like and share our posts. Help get the message out there – you can transform your life by keeping water by your side, and if you #carryjerry you can save the lives of others.

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