The Vital Role Of Hydration In Maintaining Concentration And Focus

Becoming dehydrated can drastically weaken your concentration, as well as many other functions of the brain. Like the rest of your body, the brain uses water as an insulator, a transmitter of signals between various parts of the body, and a thermoregulator to stop it from overheating. Without proper hydration the signals your brain sends can misfire, causing you to be less focused and more forgetful. Also, your brain may be worse at critical thinking.

Your Body Prioritizes Certain Areas Of The Brain Because It Believes It Needs To Survive

Your body changes how it operates in multiple ways when you lack water. Your brain suppresses certain desires, like your appetite, so you will eat less and introduce further salts and absorbent nutrients that can further dehydrate you. It also redistributes the water in your body, including your brain, which can leave cognitive areas of your brain that focus and learn dehydrated and less capable of focusing, while areas that control motor function and vital roles are protected.

Your Brain Becomes Worse At Maintaining A Single Train Of Thought

Your brain uses electrical signals to communicate with the body, put together thoughts, and act. These signals travel along your nerves, similar to the way electricity follows the copper cables that power our homes and electronic devices. When you become dehydrated, your nerves are less capable of guiding signals from start to finish, and some will fire out into the brain surrounding them like an exposed electrical wire. For this reason, it is important to consume enough water, and also rest or even meditate for a while to achieve a clear state of mind and regain focus.

Overheating Your Brain Slows It Down, And Even Damages It

Your body uses thousands of these signals to form a single thought, but even a few dropped signals can cause you to lose focus or forget what you were saying. What’s more, your brain uses an enormous amount of energy to create signals and function, so it produces a significant amount of heat. Your brain uses water as an insulator that traps this heat and carries it elsewhere in the body to be disposed of.

Much like electricity, the flow of signals in the brain can be easily obstructed by changes in temperature. When you’re dehydrated, your brain can quite literally begin to overheat, which can muddle your thoughts and make it harder for the different areas of your brain to communicate with one another. It can lower your memory retention, concentration, and make it harder for your body to heal damaged or worn out parts of the brain until it’s properly hydrated again.

Proper hydration plays a vital role in concentration. A dehydrated brain is like a poorly insulated computer, quickly overheating as your processing speed and critical thinking skills slow down. Your nerves become worse at their job, which can lead to dropped signals, muddled thoughts, and twitching. And eventually, your body will start turning off senses, like your ability to detect hunger or long-term memory centers of the brain, to protect critical areas of the body.

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