The surprising tip to improve your business start-up

My business partner said to me recently that the reason I find running a start-up challenging is because I think too much.

Over thinking things can create too many alternatives, which leads to uncertainty, which produces a lack of confidence.

I spent 5 years as a business adviser helping people to move their social enterprises forward and this role suited me perfectly, but I had to dive in at the deep end to earn my stripes as an entrepreneur. I am not comfortable in the deep end. I think this is true for many of the social sector people I have worked with. People who have the skills to open topics up, and include others. Many of these became ‘business tourists’ having a good look around and even creating plans for enterprises, but very few went and made it happen.

Having a ‘social’ person on board is vital. You need them to include others, communicate and create; but they need to be paired with do-ers. People that will move quickly on a decision to make it happen.

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