The surprising scale of plastic bottle pollution

The Daddy in the world of water drinking is the bottled water industry. Daddy has told us that mineral water is best. He has grown the market in the UK to sell 15 million bottles per day. This is such a money maker that he has brought his powerful Uncles in to help protect the market in the form of the Natural Hydration Council and European Federation of Bottled Waters. They pump out the message that they have minimised their impact on the environment when they have made their bottles thinner (minimising their costs and preventing multiple usage) and that their bottles are easily recycled (only a third of bottles are recycled at best). Millions of plastic bottles end up as litter and in our waterways. There is now a plastics patch in the pacific that is 6 times the size of England.

Daddy is making 500% profit on the water he sells you. He gives retailers and vendors such a high margin on bottled water that they will be reluctant to lose this income source.

Should the single use water bottle be banned? San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto have banned the plastic water bottle from municipal properties. Vermont and Washington St Louis University have also banned the plastic water bottle from sale on campus.

Selfridges is the first British store to ban the plastic water bottle as part of their Project Ocean. If you compare Uncles corporate film on how Daddy is protecting the environment, it is a world away from Project Ocean’s ‘Sea of Change’ film on how each individual’s acts to stop using plastic bottles really make a difference.

Be the change you want to see

Choose a better bottle.

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  • Crysta Waston

    Plastic bottle should be banned. Really a good idea to save the environment. Thanks for sharing.

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