The inspiring story that will make you value water more than diamonds

If you judge a person by the size of their house and pool then the founder of jerry, Harun Master, was doing very well back in 2007 in Dubai. Living in the Jumeirah Islands gated community, with 24 hours security, lake view, date palm trees, and a range of luxury cars in the driveway. He’d like you to use different criteria to judge him by now.

Trading in property, Harun could make thousands on one deal, just by flipping the ownership. Clients were leaving multiple cheques for tens of millions to buy properties they had never seen. The whole world was in Dubai to cash in. It was a crazy time, attending VVIP launches at the top floor of the Burj Al Arab seven star hotel and yacht after parties. People used their wealth to buy materialistic experiences like flying from Dubai to rural India on a Friday to get the best dal in the world, or racing Rolls Royce Ghosts round the Dubai Autodrome.


When the economic crisis hit in 2008 the value of property was instantly wiped out. People were left owing payments worth millions for properties that could no longer be built. In Dubai it is a criminal offence to miss your contracted payments, and many people’s lives turned from the peak of luxury to serving time in jail.

The experience of seeing the value of money wiped out in an instant made Harun question what was important in life. He thought it must be more than amassing wealth, property, cars and living it up.

Harun’s life was up in the air, quite literally, as he flew between countries meeting customers. He saw people living in rural villages with limited electricity, no sanitation and dirty water coming out of reservoirs shared with the livestock.

“When you see these people you think how can they survive, whereas we just turn the tap on?” said Harun. “Whenever we want a wash we can just jump in the shower or bath. It’s just too easy. Whereas these people are just struggling to meet their cooking and drinking needs. It’s a knock on effect that children who are fetching and carrying the water can’t go to school, and women can’t go to work. That’s their job, so they lose out on school and work.”

So Harun did a bit of charitable work hands on, helping with infrastructure or getting a roof over somebodies head, which he found enjoyable and fulfilling because it was hands on charitable work, connecting with people, speaking to people running charities out there. Once people know you are working with charities, people come to you with all sorts of problems. This opened up a whole array of difficulties that people were facing in the third world and the support they required, leading Harun to set up the UK registered Waterfall Charity.

768 million people do not have clean water on tap. Water has the power to transform lives and jobs. Water can be a feminist, economic or political issue.


“Water is a basic necessity,” said Harun. “If you haven’t got water, you’ve not got life. If I can turn the tap on, why can’t everybody else? I don’t have any right over the water. Water should reach everybody. Why isn’t it reaching everybody?”

Harun found it hard to ask people for money for projects so he decided to stick to what he was good at which is selling, so he set up Jerry Bottle Limited in December 2015. He sourced the best possible bottle, made from pure steel, with no plastic and an excellent build quality. jerry is the Rolls Royce of water bottles.

So what is this clear wet stuff that we have on tap and take for granted. The water we have that is tested 10 times a day by the water suppliers so that we can wash the car in it!! Water is the solvent that delivers nutrients to our cells and processes the waste out of our bodies. We are all made from water. Our bodies are 65% water and our brains are 75%. The body can survive without food but not without water. It is essential. When we drink water we are giving our bodies the ability to operate at our very best.


At jerry we love water so much we are giving all our profits to fund water projects around the world. Join in with us at – like and share our posts. Help get the message out there – you can transform your life by keeping water by your side, and if you #carryjerry you can save the lives of others.

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