Why TEDx Leicester is so great!!

It is so exciting to have a TEDx in Leicester. The TED platform for sharing ideas is always going to make magic happen. When you ask amazing people to distil their lifetime of knowledge or experience into 20 minutes you are going to get a lot of love poured into well-crafted presentations. And the talks were amazing but there was something else happening too.

I have worked in Leicester working with community groups to get them trading for five years, and TEDx Leicester felt like a re-union. I saw so many community leaders, schools, colleges and universities that I knew. These were people driven to make things happen for their neighbourhoods, and they were all talking to each other. TEDx wasn’t just about the presentations it was about the people of Leicestershire coming together.

Jerry Bottle was lucky to have stall at the event. Since we started trading 8 months ago we have done a lot of stalls at many different events including from trade to health, and we have never been so busy!! There was something different about the TED crowd. People wanted to know. Our vision to fund water projects around the world resonated with people, and they were interested to hear about how we were marketing ourselves through doing good. It felt great to connect with this crowd and gave us a lot of hope for moving our social enterprise forward.

Bringing us together by celebrating our journeys


TEDx Leicester has a growing momentum. It started with a lone nut, and has snowballed into a movement people want to be a part of. Allan Hayes is the oldest person in the world ever to get TEDx license! They have run a number of TED talks and salons culminating in the sell out #EveryJourneyMatters 2016 TEDx at the Curve. That’s a lot of tickets. Well done to all the organisers and the wider army of volunteers and supporters.  Success is a great attractor and future organisers will be able to pull in ever more exciting speaker and partners.

There are more TEDx Leicester Salons planned that enrich the cultural life of the Leicester. This could be the big difference with TEDx Leicester. That the vision is about bringing people from different religious, social and cultural backgrounds, from Leicester and the surrounding world, to unite and connect us all. I think this is extremely kind of them and Jerry is very proud to be involved as a partner.





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  • Siddhi Trivedi

    TEDxLeicester is totally grateful for your support and we are delighted to have a Partner like Jerry Bottles and hope to develop this further.
    So glad you joined us and enjoyed the day.

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