Tanzania Visit – News, Partnerships, and Social Impacts

Harun went to Tanzania in October to explore new water projects. Accompanied by two other Trustees from our parent organisation, the Waterfall Charity.  This is a short blog with pictures, news and social impacts.  Check out our Facebook page for more stories.

We have partnered up with the Pemba Foundation, who are doing some clever work to raise living standards on the island of Pemba, one of the two largest islands in the Zanzibar archipelago.

Bwagamoyo Village

In Bwagamoyo we put a pump into a well, to bring water from the well to the heart of the village.  They already had a water tank in the village, but they never had it connected to a water source.

Jerry Bottle Dry Tap

This saves the women and children of the town many walks down the steep path to the well.

Jerry Bottle steep path

Everyone came out to help dig the pipe in.

Jerry Bottle Digging the trench

Chake Chake Hospital

At Chake Chake Hospital they only get 2-3 hours of water supplies in the morning, before it is diverted to other parts of the Island for agricultural, industrial and residential use.

Jerry Bottle Chake Chake Hopital

The hospital know the solution to this water problem. It just needs some funding.  Great news – Harun has found a sponsor for this project.

Micro Loans bringing farmers out of poverty

The Pemba Foundation is giving local farmers with small holdings, access to the finance and advice to buy better irrigation systems.

jerry bottle irrigation
Better irrigation has increased Bakari’s income from $2 to $12 a day. This is a fantastic success story for the Pemba Foundation. They are working with 20 farmers in total.

jerry bottle vanilla farmer

Jerry are going to get involved as a sponsor to support this great work.

Carry Jerry

When you carry a jerry you do more than keep water by your side, you bring water to others.
Spread the word. Involve your friends. Join in with jerry.

jerry bottle range


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