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It won’t be a complete shock that included in our travel “must-haves” a great reusable water bottle. It can be easy to disregard your body when you’re out and about, however that doesn’t mean you have to overlook something as fundamental as staying hydrated. However, this isn’t the only reason to pack a bottle – it’s also an important part of travelling sustainably.

To help understand how to lessen our collective impact when we travel, we reached out to the experts – green travel bloggers. These pioneers ensure that the communities and environments of the places they visit are not only unharmed, but positively impacted…

“I think that when you show a culture respect, you behave in a responsible way. In India, I often stay in locally owned guest houses, eat in locally owned restaurants and buy clothes and crafts that are locally made. I wear Indian clothes and respect the standards of modesty. I do my research and try and support sustainable places and activities — and shun those that are destructive or exploitive.” – Mariellen Ward | Breathe Dream Go

“Sustainable travel is the best way to see the world we hope to save. I believe that by spending time in nature, contributing to local economies and making ourselves aware of the challenges of remote cultures we can create a global community of citizens who share the common goal of natural resource preservation.” Aileen | I Am Aileen

“The ‘eco’ in ecotourism is 50% about helping the local ecosystems, and 50% about helping the local economy. And only by ensuring that we travel sustainably and responsibly can we ensure that this wondrous world of ours remains intact for many generations of travellers to come.” – Bret Love and Mary | Green Global Travel

“Reduce and reuse! Eliminate waste by reducing your usage of non-reusable items. Always choose reusable when possible, especially for things that are disposed of in large quantities like straws, coffee cups, and plastic utensils.”  Erica and Sam | The Manini Experience

“One of my biggest responsible travel tips is to leave the Do Not Disturb sign on your hotel door to cut down on electricity and water your cleaner would have used. Another tip is to buy a few stainless steel straws and carry them around in your bag. It may seem like such a little thing to do, but cutting down on the use of plastic straws (and bags) around the world can be incredibly impactful. Especially for the survival of wildlife!” The Joy Trip Project

“Always carry a metal water bottle with you and refill it to cut down on the use of plastic. If you are travelling in a country where you can’t drink the tap water take a SteriPEN with you to sterilise the water, or buy large jugs and refill out of those. This simple act will help minimise unnecessary waste, and will go a long way to helping improve the environment in the places you visit.”  Alesha and Jarryd of Nomadasaurus

Since we are all about water here at Jerry Bottle, let us elaborate a bit more on Alesha and Jarryd’s point. Besides saving the environment from plastic waste, bringing along a water bottle helps you stay hydrated which is essential when traveling.

  • Jetlag can be prevented, or at least lessened by drinking enough of water
  • Staying hydrated has been proven to strengthen the immune system
  • Whether you’re on the road or not, avoiding plastic is always a good idea for you and the environment
  • Water keeps joints lubricated and your muscles moving
  • You’ll save money traveling with a water bottle

When you travel, stay mindful, stay hydrated and bring Jerry along. Click here to see our range of water bottles perfect for the conscious traveler.

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