Join in with ‘Re-useable Wednesday’

Why not try a #zerowaste lunch one day a week!!

If we all join in with Re-useable Wednesday this could make a massive impact on the environment. Nearly all our convenient lunchtime food is wrapped in plastic: sandwiches, drinks, pies, snacks, choccy bars.

Four easy steps

On a Wednesday give a #zerowaste lunch a go. Here’s how in four easy steps:

  1. Walk an extra few meters for a sandwich shop that uses paper bags
  2. Pack your own lunch using grease proof paper or a sandwich box
  3. Bring your own re-useable bottle to work
  4. Use your own cup/travel mug for carry-out coffee

my-clever-boxTalk to shopkeepers and cafe owners

Re-useable Wednesday is also a chance to talk to shops and cafes. Unless we ‘say no’ to everything wrapped in plastic, then they will continue to give the customer more plastic:

  • Say no to plastic bottled drinks and straws
  • Say no to plastic or styrofoam cups or boxes
  • Say no to plastic wrappers and bags

We all know there is too much plastic in the world.  Let’s not drown in it.  The Ellen MacArthur Foundation have calculated that one refuse truck’s worth of plastic is dumped into the sea every minute, and the situation is getting worse.  By 2050 we could have more plastic in the ocean than fish.


Join in to help #OneLess single-use plastic bottle going to waste.


A single-use plastic water bottle, made to be used once and then thrown away, will take 450 years to break down into plastic particles which themselves persist for hundreds of years in the ocean. In the UK we get through 13 billion plastic bottles each year – over 200 per person.

If we all join in, we all win.

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Thank you friends :)

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