Proper Hydration Is the Key to Great Skin in 2019

Our bodies are composed of 60 percent water which serves so many important purposes, from regulating our body temperatures to carrying nutrients to major organs to boosting skin quality. If you want to look your best in 2019, your New Year’s resolution should be drinking more water every single day. When you do make hydration a top priority, you’ll find that being sufficiently hydrated is great for your skin. Read on to discover some excellent reasons to make hydration a cornerstone of your daily skin care routine.

Drinking water boosts skin elasticity

Drinking between six to eight glasses of water each day will stave off dehydration. Dehydration negatively impacts skin elasticity, while also putting general health at risk. When you drink enough water daily, your skin will be firmer. Face and body skin will bounce back faster after it’s stretched or otherwise stressed. So, shoot for 1.2 liters of water per day. That’s the equivalent of six to eight glasses of water. Keep your reusable Jerry bottle handy, so refills are a total breeze.

Drinking water flushes out impurities  

Impurities that build up in our bodies may lead to less-than-stellar skin quality. When you add pure water to your Jerry bottle regularly, you’ll give your body the fluid that it needs to eliminate impurities effectively. If you get tired of drinking plain water, add chilled herbal tea to your water bottle, or infuse your water with fresh lemon juice or other fresh fruit juice. Lemon slices or cucumber slices are also great additions to water bottles. Healthy fluids in adequate quantities will help your body to eliminate toxins that aren’t good for your skin.

Drinking water improves common skin conditions

Whether you’re dealing with acne or dry skin or both (and dealing with both is, unfortunately, more than possible), you should know that upping your daily intake of water will help your skin to repair itself. Dry skin may happen due to insufficient water in the body. Acne may strike for the same reason, because dehydrated skin is more likely to overproduce oil that triggers breakouts. When you combine proper hydration with a sensible skin care routine that is just right for your skin type, you should notice big improvements.

Make hydration a priority in 2019

With a great reusable water bottle that is so easy to carry along with you, you’ll find it so simple to hydrate and access great skin in 2019. When you do pay more attention to hydration, you’ll enjoy better skin elasticity, flush out impurities that might be bad for your skin and improve common skin conditions. Drinking plenty of water is the best way to get better skin this year.

By Jess Walters

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