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We are raising funds for water projects around the world through selling high quality water bottles. In this blog we will be telling the stories about how the company began, why tap water is the most precious drink in the world, and how jerry is changing people’s lives. We hope you join us on this journey.

We believe that water is essential for all. We promote the value of water to those that have it, and deliver water to those that don’t. When you don’t have access to clean water everything gets put on hold to fetch and carry it; including lives, education and work.

We want everyone to have access to clean drinking water, and to increase the value people place on this valuable resource.

For our customers we want to do two things: make your bottle cool enough to take anywhere and make sure your water tastes great throughout the life of the bottle. Our first bottle is iconic, pure steel with no plastic parts that can degrade over time. You can take it to the classiest restaurants or executive meetings – jerry looks good everywhere. Because there is no plastic, the bottle will not pick up smells or flavours to taint your water. Jerry will make your water taste great.

Jerry will change your life – we promise that you will think more and do more with jerry. When you carry your jerry with you, from waking, through work and leisure, then you will be topped up on water through the day. Your mind will be more alert, and your body more effective. We will blog more here about the physical and mental health benefits of a drinking water through your day. We are looking for 20 participants to trial the jerry lifestyle and keep a video diary of how it changes their life. Get in touch if you want to take part.

While you change your life, jerry will also help transform the lives of others through funding water projects in developing countries. Our first bottle will fund a water project in Tanzania called Mtapwa where 5000 people have to travel 7km to get water.

We are a social enterprise. That means that we use all our profits to create community benefit. We have been set up by the Waterfall Charity to help fund more water projects. We promise that we won’t build staffing or infrastructure costs that absorb profits. We will stay lean to make your money go further. We will work intelligently with other organisations to increase our reach to help more people.

Thank you for your time. We hope you will join us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to pass on the message and show the world what your jerry is up to.

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