Making water cool in school

Jerry have teamed up with Eco Schools to make water cool in school. Eco Schools do a great job helping schools become sustainable and create good habits that last a lifetime.

We want to kickstart a culture of enjoying, celebrating and understanding water. We have produced a pack of stimulating teaching resources including: ready to use graphics; tasks; facts; fundraising tips and a model ‘drinking water policy.’

Water has an image problem. Many people don’t even drink one glass of tap water a day. Young people will pick up these attitudes and gravitate towards the well crafted brands for packaged drinks.   Jerry gives water the brand it deserves, showing that water is essential, cosmic, and life giving.  We work with local sponsors to fund better water in schools including bottles and fountains.

Not all schools do water well

Guidelines suggest that children learn best when they keep a water bottle on their desk; but schools are busy places and making sure every child has a clean water bottle may be the low priority.  Every school is different, and individual teachers have different rules for accessing water. Vulnerable children may not have their own bottle, and if they do they may not keep it clean at home. Many children carry a single use water bottle, and re-fill it, which is against manufactures recommendations. Teachers often model the wrong behaviours, drinking tea and coffee in the classroom while offering water to students.

Jerry want to make it easy for schools to do water better.  Get in touch for your free ‘Guide to Water’ for schools.

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