Tom & Jerry: Limited Edition Gold Bottle

We at team Jerry love water. We care about effectively decreasing plastic pollution, giving everyone access to clean water and keeping you in good health. But keep your eyes peeled for our Limited Edition Tom Bottle, launching this April 1st! This stylish bottle will have you thirsty for more with its unique design and features that will even make Mother Nature say “Slay Queen” to you for banishing the use of plastic bottles!
Our limited Tom bottle is food-grade 305(19/9) 24-carat solid gold, with an electropolished interior that gives the water a pure taste. It’s already caught the attention of celebrities such as Kanye West and DJ Khaled.

Ditch the plastic in style with our fashionable Tom Bottle that can be taken anywhere. Whether you’re taking a sip after yoga or preparing for a champagne picnic, our foolishly stylish Tom Bottle with its Jerry technology-inspired interior is specially designed to keep it’s contents cold for up to 24 hours.

Our latest bottle is available in 2 sizes: 550ml and 750ml, so you can take it everywhere with you. Begin a long-lasting relationship with Tom and add it to your Jerry collection. Banish the (plastic) bottle in style and look fabulous doing so!

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    awesome gold water bottles are lajit also very good website

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