16 ways to increase fluid intake in older people

It is far better to increase older people’s fluid intake. Drinking more does not mean more trips to the bathroom, it just means their urine will be less concentrated when they do. Increasing hydration will reduce incontinence problems and lead to less illness and complex issues in the future.

Here are 16 ways you can increase your loved one’s fluid intake:

  • Have fluids readily available
  • Explain that decreasing fluid intake does not decrease incontinence
  • Offer fluids regularly
  • Find cups/glasses they prefer to drink from
  • Offer type/temperature of fluids people like
  • Involve family members
  • Offer small amounts of fluid frequently
  • Offer ice cubes
  • Encourage people to drink all fluids offered with meals and medication
  • Encourage fluid-rich foods
  • Offer assistance if needed
  • Position person properly in order they can drink
  • Monitor room temperature and encourage people to wear lighter clothes when it is warmer
  • Add cup holders to wheelchairs
  • Give people water bottles to carry around
  • Include beverage breaks in all activities

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For more advice to help your loved ones stay hydrated please speak to their doctor or care professional.

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