Improve the sustainability of your organisation by banning plastic bottled water

Improve the sustainability of your organisation by banning single use plastics.  We don’t need more plastic bottles in our waste, land or oceans.  It is not sustainable to keep pumping out 600,000 tonnes of plastic bottles every year (UK).

Selfridges have stopped all sales of plastic water bottles and won awards for doing itWeston Williamson Architects give all their staff our sustainable steel water bottle so they don’t need plastic.

Here are three ways you can ditch plastic bottled water in your organisation:

  1. Highlight where your drinking water is available and get water fountains that you can put a water bottle under
  2. Provide access to sustainable water bottles and bio degradeable cups
  3. Educate staff about the benefits of hydrating with water, and the medical recommendations for caffeine, sugar and fruit juice intake

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