Giving water

Your reusable water bottle purchase will fund clean water projects around the world. You pay the market price, but the profits go to water projects, not to owners or shareholders.

We put 100% of our profits straight into water projects around the world.

We are squeezing every drop of money from the sale of each bottle to fund more water projects. We are turning trading on its head by asking retail partners to maximise the margin they give us. jerry is staying lean, keeping staffing low and capping pay.

We are creating efficient and sustainable water projects through matching local solutions to global expertise.

where we give

If you look at the bottom of your reusable steel jerry water bottle,you will see the coordinates of the water project you have funded, so you can trace exactly which village your bottle is funding.

Our sister organisation the Waterfall Charity is involved in building handpumps in West Bengal to provding clean water for hospitals on Pemba Island,Zanzibar.

We want to do more. The more bottles we sell the more charities we will fund to bring innovative, sustainable, and high impact water projects to life.

Fill up points

We want to make it easy for you to fill up on the go. We are asking shops and restaurants to let people fill their jerry bottles.

We don’t need to be embarrassed by asking for tap water.

We are working with schools, offices, local authorities and water companies to create more water fountains and fill up points.

Health & the environment

Jerry is working with schools, universities and companies to promote a healthy water habit and reduce waste from single use plastic water bottles.


Water is seriously good for you. Life began in water, and the human body is 75% water, so it makes sense that if you drink the right amount of water, your body and mind will work better.

We have a schools resourse pack for teachers to download, to make water cool in school,available on our home page. Students that take water into exams get 10% better grades. If you are dehydrated then your body and mind start to ache. You can’t learn without water.


In companies, there are so many staff meeting up for a coffee, and none meeting up for a water.

We have produced a free guide to hydration in the workplace for organisations, giving easy steps to give people a nudge to drink more water.

Download from our home page.


In Universities, we are working with student Enactus teams to find new business models for selling water on campus so that we can move away plastic bottled water.

World economies are pumping out so much plastic, that we will have more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050. Single use plastic bottles are a big part of the problem.

Switch to using a jerry and you can stop using single use plastic bottled water, #oneless.

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