CSR – Collaborate with jerry to boost your social responsibility

Bring jerry into your workplace to boost your social responsibility

Give jerry bottles as an employee health benefit or gift to your most valued customers and share our social outcomes:

  • Funding global water projects
  • Boosting health through promoting a healthy water habit
  • Reducing plastic bottle waste

Your logo would look great on our bottles!!


Jerry is built to last and will help you reduce plastic bottle pollution. It’s the
most sustainable bottle on the market, made from pure food grade steel. Our bottles come with a lifetime guarantee.


You will drink more water with a beautiful bottle by your side. Our bodies are
60% water, so hydration is essential for your body to perform well. Hydration
improves your whole body health, mental and physical performance.
Water is the essential nutrient that delivers energy to our cells and it contains
zero calories.


Bring water to those that don’t have it with Jerry. We give 100% of our profits
to clean water projects throughout the world. 700 million people don’t have
access to safe drinking water and 2.4 billion people don’t have access to
sanitation. Let’s change that.

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