Why your children are dehydrated at school!!

Jerry Bottle brings better water to school

Our children have better things to do at school than keep hydrated, and our teachers have plenty of learning to get organised so it is understandable that researchers found that most school children are dehydrated.

bring better water to school with jerry bottle

It is easy for a school child to get through a day without having a drink of water. You might get a cup of tea at breakfast, forget to take your bottle to school, rush out to play at lunch, and not be allowed to leave class for a drink in the afternoon. Most school water bottles are low grade plastic that make the water taste bad even when they are clean. When they are dirty the germs make the water taste fowl. You can’t get excited about bad tasting water. Schools need better bottles.

If kids aren’t hydrated, they aren’t learning. Teachers need students that are alert and attentive? Water switches their brains on. Here’s how you switch children on to water …


Bring better water to school with jerry bottle

Water is amazing. It is the source of life on earth. When we look for evidence of life on other planets we start with water. To communicate the wonder of water to school kids we have put a pack of visual resources together that make water exciting. If you know any schools or teachers, please let them know that they can download our guide to water from www.jerrybottle.com/school.

Bring better water to school with jerry bottle

Our pack of slides saves teachers’ time. They cover a range of topics and subjects from health benefits to water conservation.


Bring better water to school with jerry

Our Guide to Water for school helps create healthy global citizens

To teach the value of water you need to look at the global context. People living without water spend their days fetching and carrying it. The task of fetching water can stop adults going to work, and children going to school.

Water is at the heart of everything, including health, brain power, economics and politics.


  • Health – Everyday dehydration worsens all health conditions. A third of all hospital admissions are dehydrated and successful recovery is dependent on good hydration. Your body needs it to perform well.
  • Brain power – Students who take a bottle of water into exams get 10% better grades. When you are mildly dehydrated the symptoms of an achy body and mind are distracting, and stop you from learning.
  • Economics – Water is vital for agriculture and manufacture. Without water there is no work.
  • Politics – the World Bank is predicting the driest parts of the world are getting dryer, leading to migration and conflict. The West consumes water from dry countries, it is embedded in the food and products we import.


Bring better water to school with jerry bottle

The boring tasteless stuff that comes out of taps is actually the elixir of life. Water needs a helping hand to compete with packaged drinks. Help schools to make water exciting with better bottles, fountains and signage.

Let’s turn the school water fountain into a cosmic water bar. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Share our free download link with teachers and schools
  2. Get your workplace to sponsor better water in schools
  3. Live the dream – carry a better bottle


Get involved to give a generation of kids a healthy water habit that can last a lifetime, saving them money, increasing their health, and reducing pressure on scarce resources for a sustainable future.


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