Can social enterprises sell Ferraris?

For five years I advised community groups on how to develop a new income streams from trading. I found that most groups needed an electric shock to stop them thinking like a small charity, whose only function was to give things away for free to deprived and vulnerable communities. One of my shock tactics was to challenge them to sell Ferraris.

The possibility of selling Ferraris brings in a whole range of ‘can do thinking’.  As a charity you have doors open to you that are closed to private ventures. You have a great excuse to knock on doors as you deliver real community benefit; and you can ask anybody for anything including recruiting high end volunteers. It follows from this you could get a troop of volunteers to do ‘door to door’ sales for a Ferrari distributor. This would get great coverage in a newspaper showing a bunch of scouts being trained up on Ferrari specifications and sales techniques. The profit from any sales resulting from this promotional activity could be donated to the charity. Everybody wins.

I am now practicing what I preach and selling high end water bottles with team jerry – the Ferrari of water bottles.  We are set up to raise funds that will be used to create water projects around the world. Our charitable aims have attracted high end volunteers to help with our: web design (Jack Seymour), photography (White Wall), fashion (clothsurgeon) and marketing (Experian). We have a great reason for introducing ourselves to customers to ask them to try a healthy water habit with jerry. Not only will they increase their health and effectiveness through hydration, they will bring water to people that don’t have it. Would you like to buy a water bottle from us?


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