It feels great to buy from charities – why you should buy social !!

It’s not the product that makes you happy.  When you #BuySocial you get the product you want and a whole world of good on top!!

When I bought a bike from the social enterprise Groundwork it was exactly what I wanted. The chain guard to keep my trousers clean, mud guard to keep my bum dry, panniers to carry stuff and raised handle bars to give me a view of the road. But it wasn’t about the bike. What made me float on air was that it was the life of the young person who tuned, tweaked and repaired the bike whose life was transformed.

Let’s imagine you are 15 and you live in social housing; your parents and grandparents don’t work; no one in your house owns an alarm clock; and there is not milk in the fridge; how do you start your day!! If there is no one at home wanting to see your home work, why bother. But bikes can be your life. They get you off the estate, over the break neck speeds and up into the air.

Groundwork give you more than just the skills and parts to make your bike. They give you a reason to turn up in the morning. New adult role models that like and listen to you. Knowledge of yourself. Confidence that you can do a good job. Feedback and qualifications to show you what you have achieved. A glimpse of a different life.
My £90 hadn’t gone to shareholders or paid for manufacture. It hadn’t paid for the rent of a high street shop or a great Sales Manager. It had paid to transform a life, bought the time for a big slice of humanity, someone to show patience, respect and love to a tough boy who could now see a different way forwards. That, far more than the pressure in the tyres, gives you a deep sense of satisfaction the makes you float on air. You have done your good deed for the day. You got what you wanted, with a big slice of social impact for free.
Lovely stuff.

Buy social on social saturday
Join in with Social Saturday this weekend and ‘buy social’ at Social Saturday is a national campaign led by Social Enterprise UK and supported by Government.  Its the day when we are  given a big nudge to buy from our local social enterprises.  Social enterprises are businesses that trade to meet a social or environmental mission.  There are around 70,000 social enterprises in the UK, employing nearly a million people and contributing £24 billion to the economy.
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