Bottle it on your holiday to the UK and Save Water.

Bottle it on your holiday to the UK and save water.

The UK will have a tourism industry worth over £257 billion by 2025, with the French, Americans, and Germans topping the market and enjoying the blend of historical sights, stunning architecture, and natural beauty the UK has to offer. If you are thinking of visiting the UK for the first time or simply visiting another city or town with family, without a doubt you are well aware of all the benefits you can look forward to: discovering new historical treasures, relaxing from your daily stressors, and bonding with your loved ones. One thing you should ensure, however, is that you protect the environment while enjoying your merited break, taking steps to stay hydrated without wasting a drop more of water than is necessary. 

Holidaying the Right Way

To get the most of your UK holiday, do it right. Research shows that many of us return from holidays as stressed as we were before, and one of the reasons is failing to plan well and manage the tiny details before leaving. Take the subject of water bottles. Tons of water bottles wind up in landfills in developed countries across the globe; these can take centuries to decompose and, when incinerated, cause toxins to rise into the air.

Guard against further accumulation of plastics by bringing your own reusable Jerry Bottle, made by a social enterprise that gives 100% of its profits to those who don’t have water in India and Tanzania. Jerry Bottles are made from stainless steel or tritan; kids will especially love the tritan bottles, which come in colourful red, green, and blue colours.

Availing of Free Water Refill Points throughout the UK

A new national scheme has sparked what can only be described as a revolution in the UK. Forget about buying water ever when dining out. Tens of thousands of shops and cafés in the UK will now have water fountains, which you can use to refill your Jerry Bottles, making big savings while you do your best for the environment.

The first businesses to sign up for the new ‘filling station’ movement include Costa Coffee and Premier Inns, and supermarket chain Iceland has also expressed interest in the scheme.

Environment Minister Thérèse Coffey wrote a letter to a plethora of supermarkets, restaurants and supermarkets, urging them to provide free tap water for customers. “True change requires a collective effort and I urge everyone to take advantage of the many water refill points that will be available,” she stated.

Hopefully, by the time you make it to the UK, the scheme will be in full swing and you’ll never feel thirsty while checking out the must-see sights.

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Choosing Sustainable Accommodation

Check out the sustainability policy of any hotel or resort you plan on calling home in the next few days. Efforts that should be present include reduced shower flows, low flow toilets, ensuring washing machines are fully loaded, the use of ozone laundry systems, push-button showers at pools, using grey water from baths and sinks for irrigation, the use of native species of plants in gardens (since these require less water), etc.

A hotel with a serious sustainability policy will advertise this fact on their website, so if you have a shortlist of hotels, see how each fares in this department.

Take an Active Role in Saving Water

If you are travelling with children, take the opportunity to educate them on water saving measures. These include turning off taps quickly and properly so no leakage occurs, consuming foods that have a smaller water footprint (think nectarines rather than mangos, or vegetables instead of beef, tea instead of coffee).

You don’t have to become a vegetarian if you don’t wish to, but by varying your diet and making an attempt to produce a smaller water footprint, you will be doing your share as a global water citizen.


Guest Blog by Jess Walter

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