8 super scary effects of everyday dehydration

The human body has some very clever ways of maintaining your core levels of hydration. Even 1-2% dehydration starts the body to concentrate the urine in your bladder to keep hold of all available water. The body even starts to remove water from your faeces.

Here are some of the amazing things the body does to retain water when you aren’t drinking enough of it:

  1. Enzyme activity in the body slows down making you feel tired and lethargic
  2. Your blood gets thicker, slowing the flow and increasing blood pressure.
  3. Your body restricts the airways in your nose and throat to minimise moisture loss
  4. Toxins stay in your skin and body rather than getting flushed out
  5. Your body produces more cholesterol to reduce water loss from cells
  6. The water sits in your kidneys and bladder for longer concentrating and accumulating bacteria and toxins
  7. Your colon tries to absorb as much water as possible from your faeces
  8. Our cells become depleted of energy making us rely on food and snacks for a sugary boost

It is far better to keep sipping water regularly through the day so that your body can operate at its best, rather than put your organs and functions under pressure to retain water.

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GQ Magazine January2016

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