7 ways to trick yourself to drink more water – Hydration Tips

We all know we should be drinking more water but most of us don’t. We can get away with it because we live in a colder country and get 30% of our fluids from food. However many of the niggles and aches we get that stop us feeling at our best come from being dehydrated. And when we feel crappy we seek out the stuff that makes us feel better at the time; like tea, coffee, treats and alcohol. Sadly this can all make our condition worse as our body struggles to find the fluids to pee out all the sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Better hydration can really transform your life!!

  1. Value your water: Water is not tasteless and boring . It is the miracle of life. It is what scientists look for on other planets to see if aliens are hopping about. It is the substance in which the first life forms began on Earth, and we still hold those building blocks of DNA within us. We come from water and we are water. Water is beautiful and essential. Let’s put it on a higher pedestal and worship the stuff!
  2. Dress it up a little: This is precious stuff. It deserves the best glassware and the most beautiful bottles. People hate it when you ask for ‘only water,’ they want to give you more so let them. Ask for their best glass. See if you can get a posh stirrer, umbrella or fancy garnish.
  3. Add a dash: Purity is perfect but having a drop of lemon, orange or peppermint oil can thrill your nose and palate. Add bubbles with soda, or heat and infusions with herbs.
  4. Team up: Tea, coffee and alcohol are the norm because they are the norm. Join with friends, family or colleagues to make the ‘water lounge’ a done thing. Meet by the water fountain, enjoy the higher levels of mental freedom that water brings to have better conversations. Brains are 75% water. Feed that grey matter with the elixir of life.
  5. Pee charts: Put up pee charts as a reminder to monitor your hydration status. Urine should be pale straw coloured. If it’s dark and stinky it’s time to hydrate.
  6. Reminders: Even when you are committed to drinking water it’s easy to forget to drink. The thirst mechanism doesn’t
    kick in til you are over 1% dehydrated. Give yourself reminders through the day through stickers on the fridge, on your monitor or TV. The thirst mechanism for kids and older people is diminished, so keep an extra eye on them, especially if it’s hot!!
  7. Switch language:  Culture has taught us that the word ‘champagne’ means a posh treat and that ‘water’ is nothing.  Find a negative word to label the drink you need to avoid.  If you call alcohol ‘rat poison’, then you can easily say, why would I want to drink that!!  Water is the ‘Elixir of the Gods’: ask for that at the bar!

If you spend your life in a continuous state of mild dehydration your organs will suffer. 30% of people admitted to hospital are dehydrated. Dehydrated patients are 5 ½ times more likely to die in hospital. Lower fluid intake makes most conditions worse. When you are ill your Doctor tells you to keep water by your side and sip through the day. Please don’t wait until you are ill.
Live your life to the full with a new healthy water habit and get those around you to join in. The world is a brighter place with water at your side.

Go on, give it a go!!


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