5 Eco-Friendly Products You Can Use Every Day

Living an eco-friendly life entails forming lifestyle habits which are intentional towards treating the earth with kindness and living in a sustainable way which promotes a better world for future generations. Not only does living eco-friendly involve changing daily habits but it also requires people to be aware of the products they use for meeting basic needs and more. I recently began my own personal journey of living a healthier and more eco-friendly life and it has now become one of my greatest passions. I started this adventure for a multitude of reasons but it mostly came down to wanting to provide better living conditions for my future children and to better protect the beautiful environment we live in, especially in respect to the other amazing species we live and interact with. The following are 5 eco-friendly products that I have started to use in order to live a more sustainable lifestyle and live with greater respect to my surroundings. These products can be used by everyone and I assure you that not only are they of high quality but they’re also extremely effective for their intended purposes.

Reusable Water Bottle

Obviously made by Jerry Bottle. There are so many reasons to love this product and company! The main reasons why I chose to purchase my stainless steel bottle from this company were to reduce my consumption and use of products which contain BPA or that are made from plastic as well as to contribute to an organization which aids other countries in obtaining clean water, which in this case include offering help to both India and Tanzania. Just imagine the impact of each person relying on multi-use water bottles instead of relying on single use plastic bottles- that would prevent the production of over a million plastic bottles per minute! 


This eco-friendly product I have started using to aid with my stress and anxiety. In the past, I typically relied on prescription drugs to help me cope with my anxiety and bouts of depression. Overtime, I was forced to make an important decision- either continue to spend excessive amounts of money on prescription drugs or try adding an alternative, natural form of treatment. Although I was skeptical at first, I decided to try adding CBD oil from Sunsoil. Since I was new to the whole process of taking CBD, I first started my natural form of treatment through using 20mg softgels. After I learned that CBD is non-addictive and has numerous health benefits I started purchasing even more products to use throughout my day, such as cooking with CBD coconut oil and taking flavored CBD oil. Not only do these products come from USDA-certified organic hemp but they also use a sustainable farming process and extraction process.

Bathroom Tissues?

A third product which has helped me with my journey to becoming more eco-friendly is Seventh Generation’s recycled paper products. This company’s bath tissue is composed of 100% recycled paper and doesn’t contain any remnants of chlorine bleach. It also is made without added dyes, inks, or fragrances which is awesome for people who have allergies to these products or who are highly sensitive to certain additives. In addition to their bath tissue items, Seventh Generation also produces 100% recycled facial tissues, napkins, and paper towels allowing people to purchase more sustainable items for purposes all around the house.

Even Personal Hygiene Products!

I have started to use the eco-friendly Dr. Bronner’s soap for both personal hygiene and as a multi-purpose cleaner. Dr. Bronner’s soap is amazing in that it’s considered to have over 18 different uses some of which include bathing, brushing your teeth, rinsing fruit and vegetables, aromatherapy, dish detergent, laundry detergent, mopping floors, cleaning pets and more! Not only does it have a multitude of functions but it also is made from pure, organic ingredients and is certified under the following categories: USDA Organic, Oregon Tilth Certified Organic, Fair for Life, NSF: Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients, Leaping Bunny, Vegan Action, B Corp, Non-GMO Project, and OK Kosher. The ingredients which make up most of Dr. Bronner’s products include organic coconut oil, organic hemp oil, and other certified fair trade ingredients. 


A final eco-friendly product which I have begun to use more frequently is Schmidt’s plant and mineral derived deodorant and toothpaste. My favorite go to products from this brand are the charcoal and magnesium deodorant as well as their activate charcoal with wondermint toothpaste. Schmidt’s products help maintain personal hygiene but are also made from high quality, sustainable ingredients including CoQ10, goji and pomegranate extracts, organic aloe leaf juice, magnolia bark extract, vitamin E, and magnesium and sodium bicarbonate. Their products are also free of metals, toxins and other additives such as aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens, phthalates and artificial fragrances, sweeteners and dyes.

All 5 of these amazing brands and products have helped me to thrive on my journey to living more sustainably and forming a more eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s amazing how making simple changes can lead not only to less waste but also to better overall health. All it takes is one small decision to start making an impact on the world and protecting generations to come. Why not start by using products which are essential to your everyday life?


Guest blog by Mollie Wilson

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