4 reasons that jerry is the most beautiful water bottle in the world

1. good looks: The jerry is a very stylish and sophisticated bottle. GQ pronounced it one of the coolest things in the world at the beginning of 2016!! It has an iconic and functional design. The lid and the neck have the same dimensions providing strong symmetrical lines. It is the purest bottle on the market with no plastic, not even in the lid.

2. sophisticated branding: jerry’s branding on the bottle is very subtle, this approach shows off the steel rather than takes over. The name ‘jerry’ comes from ‘jerry can’. In hot countries people use jerry cans to store water when there are not taps around.

3. amazing build quality: A jerry is a bottle for life. It is made from food grade steel, the same stuff as your pots and pans, and you know how long a steel pan can last for. This bottle can last for ever!! The only part that would need to be replaced is the silicone band on the lid which creates the seal.

Because it is built to last, the jerry saves you from many replacement purchases, saving 1000’s of disposable bottles and 100’s of sports bottles through its life. Steel is the most recycled material on the planet – 95% is recycled. Put any steel object into your recycling bin and it will get turned into something else.

4. companion hydration: Let jerry be your companion in life and it will take you on a journey to consistent hydration and better health. You can take a jerry bottle anywhere, it is good looking enough to accompany you to a meeting, and practical enough to go to the gym or a mountain hike. jerry is the only bottle that is good looking enough to stay by your side all day long, no matter how posh or adventurous your life gets.

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