15 reasons that steel water bottles are better than plastic, aluminium, or glass

It’s really important to carry a re-useable water bottle with you because there is already too much plastic in our oceans and landfill.

Now you are not going to get impartial advice from us on which bottle to buy because we want to sell more jerry bottles so that we can fund more water projects.

We will give you some good advice, though.

Here is why our steel bottles are better than plastic, glass or aluminium:

  • steel looks great and has class
  • we use a high-quality food grade steel that lasts forever, cleans really well, and is dishwasher friendly
  • they have an electro polished interior which keeps the water tasting great, and stops the transference of odours
  • steel does not react with your drinks
  • steel is sustainable, it’s the most recycled material on earth

The disadvantages of plastic:

  • plastic deteriorates within months and picks up odours
  • bacteria is less easy to wash out from plastic bottles
  • BPA-free plastics can contain chemicals that behave in the same way as BPA

The disadvantages of aluminium bottles:

  • aluminium bottles are designed to look like steel but aren’t
  • to prevent aluminium poisoning they have liners, those liners degrade over time with use
  • aluminium bottles dent easily
  • often have narrow necks making them difficult to clean

The disadvantages of glass bottles:

  • glass is heavier
  • glass breaks and you will worry about it breaking

Value water.
It is the most precious nutrient on the planet.
Carry it in something special.  Buy a better bottle.


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  • Ezisoul

    Wow. Now here are fresh ideas that will surely educate us about the benefits of having a steel water bottle than plastic bottles. Thanks for sharing!

  • Whiskey Decanters

    Hi Martha ,
    The most informative post you have shared on this page about the review of hydro flask water bottle product because It’s the best water bottle on the planet. I can’t imagine not having this water bottle in my life. So you know i just had to share with everyone how amazing this thing is.

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